Taking over while taking on

Hardmoors 26.2 Roseberry Topping Trail 10k The Hardmoors races are truly unforgettable experiences. Tough but beautiful runs set in and around the North Yorkshire Moors. The 26.2 series has 7 races and at each race there are 3 distances available. 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. They also do Ultras which range from 15 miles […]

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Race Day : A Visor’s View

Kielder Half Marathon, 7th October 2018 Hello fella. Are we going out again? Oh taking me upstairs, into the bedroom. This can only mean one thing. Oh yes, there she is. Hi Bib! Where are we going this time? Kielder, nice. Well, better get my head down for the night, looking forward to this outing. […]

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A Tale Of Two Halves

Two half marathons, a week apart but so different. Personally I wouldn’t normally book halves back to back but I got carried away entering before I noticed the dates. 9th September and the 16th September. Vale of York Half My wife Justine had made great progress in her running over the past 17 months. Starting […]

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Halfway Report

Now it’s July I thought I’d have a quick look back on my running from the first six months of 2018. The first 6 months in numbers – 500, 401, 100, 49:47, 22.4, 17, 14, 11, 1 500, the amount of miles I’ve run so far this year. Halfway to my target of 1000 miles […]

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Running is how I relax

Well May, you were a busy month. I’ve tried to condense this down but might be worth getting a cuppa and some biscuits. So here goes. “May the Fourth be with you”. I’m a big Star Wars fan and the past few years I’ve done a virtual run on the 4th May to collect some […]

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